Master-Teachers Training

SBS has no paid workers. Yet it is able to print and distribute very large amounts of literature for conducting VBS and other programs that reach to as many as 300,000 children per year, around 80% of whom come from non Christian families. The hundreds of thousands of man-hours needed for such a massive task comes from thousands of trained volunteers who speak almost 20 major languages of India. These volunteers are trained in child-related ministries in their own native language by what we call trained Master-teachers. These Master Teachers are selected carefully and after much evaluation by SBS leaders, and are brought to the resource-rich Kerala state for weeks of intense training in the how and why of child evangelism.

SBS has a dedicated team of Faculty members who have been trained in India and outside who teach these Master-teachers. They teach subjects such as Laws of Teaching, Effective Training, Child Psychology, Biblical Basis for Teaching Children, and numerous other subjects. The program is work and time-intensive, and the trainees are fully occupied with study and assignments during all these four weeks.

We had the last All India Master Teachers Training Program during January and February 2015. 56 handpicked Master Teachers from all of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan representing as many as a probable 20 native language groups, were trained in this program. The medium of training was English and Hindi. These people have now gone back to their own people and will be training them in their native languages.

This is a key ministry of SBS India. Hundreds of thousands of unchurched children can be reached effectively year after year only if we have a very large band of volunteers who speak and teach in their own native language. The Master Teachers whom we train in turn go and train hundreds of people each, preparing the large number of volunteer workers who steer the ground-level children’s ministries of SBS.

A large amount of course-material and resources are given to the trainees. In addition, we also help them with travel as many of them come from remote and financially poor regions. Gifts designated for this ministry can be sent through the Gospel Missions of India(GMI).

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