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SBS organizes so many camps and conferences, and it stocks so much resources for ministries in India and abroad, and for a long time all of us had been praying for a Camp Site cum Resource Center of our own. The Lord has finally made it possible. We now have our own Camp Center at a place known as Puthencavu in Kerala, India. Three stages of construction were prayerfully planned, of which two stages are over now. The dedication of the second stage was done on 8th December 2012.

We now have two very large Auditoriums, four Conference Halls, twenty-two rooms, and five dormitories. This might look like an unusually big facility, but so many children attend camps with a hunger for receiving spiritual truth that even these facilities become inadequate at times. Please pray that we might be able to expand these facilities further.

SBS would be able to organize a large number of camps, conferences, and training programs in its own facility. A resource center for Children’s ministry, a library, and a modern audio-visual studio would add to the impact and effectiveness of this ministry and we are praying for these facilities. Audio-video programs are very effective in reaching children and we greatly desire to do it on our own.

A spacious kitchen and dining room will be built in the third stage of construction. A generous brother had purchased an adjacent plot of land and has gifted it to the Camp Center for this purpose. Gifts designated for this purpose can be send to us via GMI.

Please Pray And Get Involved: Please do pray and get involved with SBS, the Child Evangelism Ministry of the assemblies in India. Kindly remember the following in mind when you pray for the SBS. Though the doors for open ministry are closing down in India, the SBS due to its focus upon children is in a strategic position to get easy entry into Indian homes where both children as well as their parents are eventually reached with the gospel. SBS has more than 7000 trained and committed volunteers who can be mobilized any time to reach people.SBS has multi-language capacity with writers, translators, and audio-visual experts in more than 15 languages and soon it will become 20 languages.

SBS has a large number of experienced spiritual leaders who are experienced in strategic evangelism. Increasing literacy and literature in India has become a boon for the assemblies and also for those who get actively involved in evangelism. SBS is totally integrated with the assemblies and is highly accepted by the assemblies throughout India and abroad.

Come and become a part of India to reach the 500 million Indian children and their families through this unique ministry.

Abraham Thomas, President SBS

PB No:2287, Palarivattom, Kochi 682025, India. Phone:+91 9446554645, Web:


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