SBS From 2015 to 2025

India is poised to take a massive leap in the coming 10 years. SBS is getting ready to meet that challenge if the Lord tarries. This includes the following observations Open preaching of the gospel is getting restricted, and hostilities are on the increase. Thus open preaching is only going to become more difficult in the coming years. SBS will thus be able to create a “window” via which the gospel can still be shared to the perishing millions.

The population of India is likely to reach 1.5 billion in 2030, overtaking even the population of China at that time. This means that India will have a mega population of unreached people who need to be reached.

At present SBS is able to bring 300,000 children in its VBS programs that are offered in 15 major Indian languages. By 2025 we expect this number to grow to two million children who attend VBS in 20 major Indian languages. This means that the present strategies, resources, and Manpower will be totally inadequate by 2025.

At present we have around 7000 volunteers/ teachers, but we will need 20,000 volunteers by 2025.

We must remember that a new set of people will be in leadership by 2025. The leaders of 2020-’25 are at present students of 10th grade or around that, and thus our sense of urgency is to train them now.

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