SBS Publications

SBS has produced so much training material in one decade that it is impossible to list them all. However, some of the important ones are as follows

Visual Aids

These are large-format pictures with stories. One missionary-story and one Bible-lesson are needed for one VBS.

VBS Books

These include workbooks, song books, colouring material etc.

Teacher Training Kits: A large number of volunteers are ready for training. Training programs are being held at assembly, state, and national level. A massive Training Kit has been developed exclusively for this purpose.

Little Kingdom

This is a multi-colour offset printed glossy magazine for children, that immediately attracts young (as well as old) readers.

Sunday School Textbooks

SBS in collaboration with the Brethren Sunday School Committee has been working to revise, translate, publish, and distribute Sunday school curriculum for students up to the 10th standard.

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