Suviseshakan Bala Sangham

SBS (Fellowship to Evangelize Children) or Child Evangelism Ministry in India was initiated prayerfully in 1953 by the brethren M E Cherian and P K Matthews. The ministry started as an integral part of the assemblies and has spread throughout India and also to many countries outside.


The Child Evangelism Ministry has become more important today than when it was founded. This is because doors have been closing for the open expression and sharing of the gospel in India. Public preaching is often met with resistance and even violence.

On the other hand, when the SBS approaches children through VBS and Children’s clubs, people readily send them to these programs. So much so that now 80% or more of the children who participate in VBS and Children’s club come from non Christian families. This in turn opens those homes for sharing the gospel, which the SBS uses effectively, and a large number of non Christians have heard the gospel and accepted Christ through this approach. Thus SBS has become a “window” to enter homes with the gospel where doors are getting closed everywhere in India.

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